Concerts videoed:

Gravity Feed - jam band - 5 shows
Flipside Trio - jazz - 3 shows
Mr. Molly - dance - 2 shows
Spectrum - string quartet
the Nawlins Gumbo Kings - jazz
Bum Lucky - reggae rock


Mr. Has It All - designed, produced, directed, shot, edited & effected music video
Hit for a Hit - edited feature (unreleased)
Vamp X - wrote, produced, directed, scored short film
Texas Energy Council - shot & edited symposium twice
Responsive Learning - shot convention seminars
Fully Staffed - shot & edited webseries
Many local comedians - videoed

and more!

Short films, events, 48-hour shorts, auditions, demos:
shot or provided various kinds of support
Many concerts recorded - audio only
and a few bands' studio albums