Compelling custom music for movies, games and podcasts.


David Glenney - I went to Cedar Valley College and took every music class they offered, playing in percussion ensemble and lab band, taking many lessons on piano, guitar, mandolin, percussion, drums and clarinet. Earned 3 Associates Degrees in Composing, Recording and Performing, though I learned a lot more beyond what was required, arranging a few pieces for ensemble performances and multitrack recording my teachers at their jazz gigs at night. Played guitar, bass, keyboard or drums in various bands over the years, including a jam-band / radio drama hybrid, recording all of them and other peoples' groups as well.

Have used all kinds of gear from 4-track tape recorders to Pro Tools, in locations varying from Mom's garage to a professional studio. Have experience hiring session players when I wanted something I couldn't do as well as they could, like a violin soloist. These days I enjoy composing in Reaper with a Native Instruments sample library seasoned with a real cello or whatever.